Eddynet Front-Mounted Hydraulic Sweeper for Trucks

PH32-07CA / PH32-08CA

Eddynet Sweeper Features:

  • Driven from equipment hydraulic system.
  • The brush is driven by single hydraulic motor coupled directly to the core by a splined shaft.
  • 32"Ø broom, polypropylene, wire or polypropylene/wire.
  • Brush width: 7', 8'.
  • 16 gage hood covering 180° of the brush.
  • Swing arm system allows the brush to follow ground variations.
  • Pressure of the brush to the ground is adjustable by two springs.
  • Brush is supported by two flange bearings.
  • Two 18.5-6.5-8 front caster wheels.
  • Anchor and lifting rings.
  • Hydraulic angle change 30° right and left.
  • 2 Jack stands for storage.
  • Epoxy primer and urethane paint.
  • 10' hydraulic hoses ¾"Ø with spool motor.
  • Weight 7': 495 kg or 1120 lbs.
  • Weight 8': 548 kg or 1208 lbs.

Necessary Features on Equipment:

  • Truck must be equipped with a 20gpm pump.
  • 25 gallons hydraulic tank and filtering system.
  • ¾"Ø hydraulic hoses from pump to the sweeper.
  • Lifting and lowering cylinder.
  • One double action oil exit for hydraulic angle.
  • One double action oil exit for the brush.
  • Male quick coupler.
Eddynet Front Mount Hydraulic Sweeper for Trucks

Eddynet Sweeper Options:

  • 200, 300 or 500 gallons water tank, pump, plumbing, sprayers and mounting brackets in the truck box.
  • Adjustable dust deflector to reduce airborne dust.
  • Large travel spring to absorb shocks during travel.
  • Female quick coupler.
  • Diverter valve for hydraulic angle.

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